Did you try a Cookpad recipe? Did you enjoy it? Do you have any feedback for the recipe author? If so, take a picture and share it on the recipe page. At Cookpad, we call this a “Cooksnap”.

Sending a Cooksnap will let the author know that you chose their recipe to cook, and chances are they will be pretty ecstatic about it! It’s also a good way to show your interpretation of their recipe, and let them know if you made any changes. Share your Cooksnap by adding it at the bottom of the recipe page.

Cooksnaps for Eileen De Lang's Pineapple Upside Down Cake

This Cooksnap will be available for other cooks on Cookpad to see as well. Seeing your photo and comment attached to the recipe will help inspire other cooks to try it!

So overall, there are 3 great reasons to post a Cooksnap:

  1. It is a huge THANK YOU to the author for posting a recipe that inspired you! You can let all the other cooks know that they can also make this recipe because you have already tested it at home!
  2. You are helping to build your Cookpad Community by establishing links and exchanges between home cooks like yourself!
  3. It helps you keep a list of the recipes you cooked and loved, so you can make them again: just look in your own "cooksnaps" tag in your profile to see all the cooksnaps you have made!
  4. A picture is worth a thousand words - so go ahead and make your statement with a Cooksnap!

    “Cook it! Snap it! Share it!”

Learn more about cooksnaps here.